WorkCover declarations are due soon!

WorkCover declarations are due soon!

All employers should have received a declaration of wages and contracts from WorkCover Queensland. This form asks employers to provide details of wages and salaries, and must be completed if the wages to be declared vary by more than 10% from the amount on the form. If the wages don’t vary by more than 10%, the premium specified on the form can simply be paid by the due date.

If the declaration is required to be completed, we suggest that this is received by WorkCover by 31 August 2017. If you fail to lodge the form by the due date your policy will not be current and you will be deemed to be uninsured from 1 July 2017. Late lodgement penalties of up to 20% may also apply.

We also suggest you read the instructions carefully relating to what items are included as “wages” for work cover purposes – and contact us if in doubt.

Upon declaration of your wages information by 31 August, full premiums are due for payment by 30 September 2017. You can receive a 5% discount if you pay your premium by 16 September 2017.

Access a guide for the declaration of wages here.

What is WorkCover?

WorkCover is payable for all “workers” who are under a “contract of service”. This could include payments to individuals who may previously have been treated as subcontractors. We also advise that if you employ staff to work in other States it may be necessary to take out Work Cover insurance in the relevant State.

Contract of service is an employment relationship, which exists whenever there is what is traditionally referred to as a master/servant relationship between an employer and his or her worker. This includes a large part of the workforce such as those:

  • on a salary or wage
  • who work for only one employer
  • who have set hours of work
  • who are supervised
  • who may be disciplined or dismissed by the employer.

This is active in the audit area and are paying particular attention to payments to individual contractors. They are particularly concerned to see if the contractor is really in business, supplies tools/equipment etc, and is working under a contract to provide a result rather than payment on a per hour/day basis.

The WorkCover website contains further relevant information.

Please contact our office with any queries.