Have you shopped around lately?

Have you shopped around lately?

By Melissa Voss

Over ‘lunch room’ chatter yesterday I decided it was about time to get some insurance comparisons on the ever-increasing home and contents insurance costs!

And aren’t I glad I did…..

Over night I secured a 65% reduction in my premiums from an annual rate of $3,200 t $1,100 for the SAME level of cover (and in fact more cover on my home value)!

So I’d encourage you to shop around/do your homework and perhaps even see if your current insurer can match competitor’s prices.

Be mindful of the fine print when it comes to insuring jewellery away from the home. It’s always good to look out for policies where you don’t need to nominate the specific items  to cover, as some policies give you cover on all your valuable jewellery up to a $ limit.

It also pays to group your insurances to one provider where possible to take advantage of the multi-policy discounts!

All in all, a good nights work and savings of $2K per year.