The work perks keep staff happy

The work perks keep staff happy

28 September 2015

Staff at chartered accountancy firm O’Connells OBM are given a say in how the company is run and a share of its profits. Director Adam Dierselhuis says his employees help set goals and decided how they are achieved as part of an “open-book management” philosophy, based on the book of the same name by John Case.

“Basically, it’s allowing employees to think and act like a business owner, so they participate in the management and running of the practice. It’s their business, it’s their baby,’’ Dierselhuis says. Five of the 18 staff own 15 per cent of the Brisbane company.

“It comes back to staff feeling part of something … they like working with their colleagues towards something greater than themselves.’’

Dierselhuis says staff members have been encouraged to pursue particular skill sets, resulting in four spin-off companies in IT, software, education and financial planning to meet clients’ needs.

“If we’re keeping our team members developing … and looking for opportunities to challenge how things are done, then it will only be a natural extension that will keep us growing as an organisation.’’

This is an extract from “The work perks keep staff happy”, published by Leanne Edmistone for the Queensland Business Monthly liftout in the Courier Mail. Access the original article here.  

Our approach to Open Book Management is based on the Great Game of Business – a way of running a business that educates employees to think and act like business owners, improving business results and the lives of the people who drive those results. Through Faculte3, a group member company, we offer workshops and training on the Game and other leadership and management techniques that challenge traditional business models to help others create a culture of engagement, accountability, and high performance. You can learn more about Faculte3 HERE.