Rolling up our sleeves for a different type of donation this 30 June

Rolling up our sleeves for a different type of donation this 30 June

By Olivia Fischer

Lying back for half an hour, watching some TV, eating yummy food and chatting to a good bunch of people. Does this sound like a good way to relax? Did you know that it could also help three lives?

1 in 3 people in their lives will need blood – but only 1 in 30 people donate. This statistic is seriously out of balance – but you can help! Modern processing techniques mean that a single blood donation, when separated into its components, can help at least 3 different patients and contribute to making up to 22 different products! Donations are used in a variety of different ways, including helping cancer patients and suffers of blood diseases (for example, leukaemia), surgical patients, car accident victims, suffers of heart, stomach and kidney disease, burn victims…so many uses that help so many people.

That is why this month, members of our team have been making a donation of a different kind and supporting this important cause.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can give blood every three months and join the half a million blood donors across Australia helping out those in need of the vital blood products floating around our bodies. And you get to treat yourself to a nice time out as well!

For more information on how you can get involved with the Red Cross Blood Service, click here. If you’re a regular donor and would like to put your next donation towards our Blood Donation Team – simply let add our team name – “O’Connells OBM” – to your next donation registration.

While Melissa was a bit nervous – Margie and Adam sat back and relaxed!