Everyone in our office has caught soccer fever over the past few weeks as the Matildas have taken on the world, sparking a wave of enthusiasm and celebration of women in sport.

Despite being knocked out in the semi finals, the story of the Matildas’ journey throughout this World Cup has been inspirational for so many reasons. When I was thinking about the journey that the Matildas have been on, I found myself reflecting on my own experiences – definitely not on the soccer field, but rather, in the office of the unique group of companies I’ve worked within over the past 16 years.

Specifically, I found myself thinking about our values, what drives us, and the parallels between being in business and high-performance sports.

In sports, players have a team and are working together to achieve results. They follow rules and can easily see how they are progressing as the match is carried out.

Business is no different, everyone is on the same team, aiming for the same goal, you’re working together with your colleagues, and following a set of principles, the rules of your game, to deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients or customers.

Whether the result is displayed on a stadium screen, or reflected in financial statements, the synergy between sports and business is striking.

Just like in sport, you may not necessarily come out on top, but as I say to my children – winning isn’t everything. The impact you make on fans, clients, or your team matters most.

At O’Connells OBM we are guided by our core values of care, curiosity, and connection. These values, evident not just in the Matildas but in many teams sporting and business alike, shape how we turn up to the office each day, our interactions with clients, and collaboration among our team members. These values guide our game plan.

The Matildas exemplify how care, curiosity, and connection foster success – values applicable across businesses, regardless of size or industry.

I certainly wouldn’t classify myself as a soccer fan, but I have found myself following the Matildas throughout this World Cup, swept up in the excitement, enthusiasm, and celebration of women in sport.

Throughout the competition, I’ve been thinking about what we do at O’Connells OBM a lot, our mission to create a positive impact on the lives we’re connected to, and I’ve drawn parallels between the Matildas’ journey and our core values:

Care: Throughout the competition, the Matildas have demonstrated care for each other, supporting teammates through challenges and celebrating successes. At O’Connells OBM, care forms the bedrock of our culture, driving our positive, supportive environment and how we work together as a team to live our mission. This extends to how we interact with clients, mirroring the Matildas’ engagement with their fans.

Curiosity: The Matildas are always looking for ways to improve their game. They are not afraid to experiment and try new things. Our second core value, we see that being curious can lead to innovation and finding new ways to solve problems – leading to better outcomes for our clients, and improving our business practices.

Connection: The Matildas have built strong relationships with each other, their coaches, and their fans. These relationships have been essential to their success. In our business, people are at its core – our team, our clients, and the communities we’re apart of. At the end of the day, we are all human, and our third core value recognises that connection is the heart of how we make progress together.

The Matildas’ have run such an amazing race throughout the competition. Despite being knocked out in the semi final, it’s clear that embodying values of care, curiosity, and connection has left an indelible mark on millions in Australia and around the globe.

The workings of an accounting practice may seem trivial in comparison, but I know that our game can have just as significant an impact to our own fan base.

When every action you take is made with care, when you approach challenges with curiosity, and you’re focused on creating a positive connection with those around you, how can you not win?

Post written by Trudi Saul, Marketing & Communications Manager