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Helping architects, engineers, lawyers, and others in professional and technical services to diagnose opportunities to grow your business, plan for the future, and create the life you aspire to Get in touch

Specialised tax, compliance, and advisory services for professional and technical services.

Business advice, from business owners

If you’ve been busy in the detail of running your business, we are here to help you simplify the complexities so you can focus on what matters: being more proactive, than reactive, to building your business and reaching your long term goals.

We’re a business of business owners ourselves, and understand the challenges of balancing day-to-day operations with strategic management activities.

We know business is about more than just numbers, we take our role as your ongoing mentor seriously. You can count on us to take a proactive approach to managing your financial affairs, looking beyond the standard checks and balances to really dig into the detail of your situation, partnering with you to help build the business, and life, that you aspire to.

Here’s how we help you focus on what matters:

  • Business strategy and & growth coaching and advising
  • Strategic planning
  • Management advice
  • Structuring and succession planning
  • Wealth creation and management strategies

Contact us to discuss your personal circumstances and how we can help you to focus on what matters.

Could you benefit from a fresh set of eyes?

“Everyone I have worked with at O’Connells OBM have been fantastic”

Steve Dudgeon, Avenue Dental


Key focus areas

Business Strategy & Growth Advising

Sharing thoughts and ideas to drive revenue and profit growth, achieve your business goals.

Strategic Planning

Helping you identify where you want to go and how to get there.

Structuring & Asset Protection

Giving you confidence that the assets you’ve created are protected.

Board Level Advisory

On call to support and guide your management team to put focus where it needs to be.


If you’re ready to focus on what matters, we are too

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