Here are some questions to mull over to help get you started identifying where you may need to direct your efforts and focus your attention over the coming 12 months.

  • If you could wave a magic wand – what would you change?
  • What’s the pebble in your shoe?
  • What’s holding you / the business back?
  • Are you playing to your strengths?
  • From 0-10 how engaged is the team?
  • Is the team pushing in the same direction?
  • How are you responding to digital disruption?

Give yourself the time and space to reflect on the above – and better still – involve the team.

Enter your details below to download the strategic planning lead up questions we put to our team each year – gauging the team’s thoughts, capturing their insights, and ultimately creating a plan with them – turns strategic planning from being just “your” plan, to become “our” plan – a powerful outcome indeed.

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